ThinkBiz Academy is a 2 – day multi conference, in which young people 18 to 30 years old will have the opportunity to explore the world of entrepreneurship & innovation and attend speeches by renowned people from the business field from Greece & abroad. This is the 1st experiential youth conference in which attendees have the opportunity to live a 360o experience. Each day will have a different theme, covering topics related to product development, self empowerment, project management, business communication, growth hacking, digital marketing etc. This year’s ThinkBiz Academy will focus on how young people can evolve professionally, while providing the necessary tools for them to stay and succeed in the entrepreneurial world.

What Does It Means


Today is shaping tomorrow and the momentum of change is accelerating evolution.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and technology create a world full of new realities and opportunities.

Follow their impetum and find your own entrepreneurship beat.

RISING MOMENTUM “is writing in the page of tomorrow.” Are you in?


Even in this challenging period of quarantine due to Covid-19, we wanted to take ThinkBiz Academy a step further and follow the “momentum” of the world around us, so we chose not to do a physical event but to start a lot of new digital projects.

Our purpose is to keep our audience educated and informed about the entrepreneurial world and offer them the 360° business experience that we can promise thanks to both technology and the creativity and innovative ideas of our team.

– ThinkBiz Academy Team

ThinkBiz Academy 2020


In the Small Talks series speakers from all over the world will speak their minds in 15 minutes in order to motivate and give some thoughts in young people that are staying in their houses. These videos will be uploaded each Friday on our YouTube channel and communicated through all of our social medi


In the Live Videos speakers from the entrepreneurial world will speak about their business experience and transmit their knowledge while answering the questions of the audience. This interactive discussion will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel and communicated through all of our social media.

Meet The Company

In this project our major sponsors will have the opportunity to present the company and the way they work in a 5-minute IGTV video. These videos will be uploaded on our Instagram account.

Facts, secrets, tips and key elements of each entrepreneurial field will be included in an article-interview with a person of the company. These blogposts will be published in ThinkBiz's blog.

Every week our team will write an article based on the current affairs, new trends and our interests. These blogposts will be published in ThinkBiz's blog.



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